Rare Earth Elements

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Rare Earth Elements Production Ramping up in Canada!


This symposium will focus on the scientists working in industry, academic, and government labs to develop and advance the applications that use or will use these elements. Topics will include state of the art research on rare earths in superalloys, automotive alloys, magnets, lasers, and other innovative end uses.

Organizing Committee

Niels Verbaan, SGS Minerals Services, niels.verbaan@sgs.com
Mike Johnson, SGS Minerals Services, mike.johnson@sgs.com
John Goode, J.R. Goode & Associate, jrgoode@sympatico.ca
Ian London, Canadian Rare Earth Element Network (‘CREEN’) / Avalon Rare Metals Inc., Tel: (647) 242-1872, ianlondon@rogers.com
Eric Larochelle, Roche Engineering, eric.larochelle@roche-engineering.com
Suil Jayasekera, SJ Mets Consulting Pty Ltd, sunil@sjmets.com

Video Series (MetSoc of CIM)

John Goode at CMP16 in Ottawa (MetSoc of CIM) – Talking about the Role of Organizing the REE Symposium at an IMPC 2016

Donald Leroux of Triple Point Technology Canada talks to John Goode of J.R. Goode & Associates about organizing the IMPC 2016 – Rare Earth Elements Symposium and what impacted the overwhelming number of submissions. Symposium topics will include: Rare Earth Economics, Extraction, Separation.

View John Goode’s Biography! For more IMPC 2016 visit: http://www.impc2016.org – Videos Presented by MetSoc of CIM


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