Lightweight Metals and Composites: Production, Processing and Applications

COM 2016-IMPC Lightweight MetalsThe Symposium intends to bring together fundamental and applied research knowledge in the context of the growing global need for greener materials and resources. Topics concerning advanced technologies will be expected in the areas of the production, processing, and applications of lightweight materials including light metals(aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc…) as well as lightweight high strength steel and composites. These will include automotive, aerospace, and naval, plus structural materials, packaging, beverage containers, and more…

Abstracts are solicited for, but are not limited to, the following topics:

1. Primary Production and Processing of Lightweight Metals
2. Development of Lightweight Metal and Casting Techniques
3. Advanced Manufacturing of Lightweight Metals
4. Advanced Modeling and Simulations of Materials and Processing of Lightweight Metals
5. Fabrication and Materials Characterizations
6. Lightweight composites Developments and Processing
7. Joining, Coatings, Finishing, Corrosion, and Product Performances
8. Environmental Issues and Processing Solutions for the Lightweight Metals Industry


The proceedings of the Symposium will be published in electronic format and will be available at the meeting. Both the Symposium and its proceedings will be in English. All papers will be refereed and edited prior to final acceptance and publication.

Call for Papers (Closed)

COM 2016-IMPC Lightweight Metals and CompositesThe Lightweight Metals and Composites: Production, Processing and Applications Symposium will be a unique opportunity to update participants on new technological, scientific, economic and strategic trends in the industry and academia. Among the numerous conference attendees, there will be industry executives, representatives of universities and research institutes, students, design engineers, plant operators, policy makers, as well as metallurgical, materials, environmental and health experts from all over the world!

Organizing Committee

Mihaiela Isac, McGill Metals Processing Centre, McGill University,
Franco Chiesa, Centre de Metallurgie du Quebec,
Roderick Guthrie, McGill Metals Processing Centre, McGill University,
Frédéric Laroche, Rio Tinto Alcan – Centre Recherche et Développement Arvida,
Gheorghe Marin, Centre de métallurgie du Québec,


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