Call to Industry Leaders

Call to Our Industry Leaders

Students ActivitiesDo we have a succession plan? Help us ensure we keep encouraging students pursue our industry.

The Metallurgy and Materials Society of CIM (MetSoc) is a non-profit organization that actively serves the needs of professionals in the global metallurgy and materials community. To this end, we also aim to support and encourage students to pursue careers in our industries.

As part of our initiative to support student interest in our industry, we are preparing some activities at COM 2016 aimed specifically for students and are requesting the help of our members. We would like to help as many students as possible attend COM 2016 in Quebec, and thus we are reaching out to the leaders in the industry and seeking support for student activities.

All of our student supporters will be invited to the student industry mixer so that you may see for yourself what and how our students are engaging in this conference.

To support Students at IMPC and other metallurgy events, please contact Brigitte Farah at

Visit our MetSoc Fund page to see how the Foundation is utilizing its donations for students at: MetSoc Fund of CIM Foundation

Student/Industry Mixer

U Laval Students at COM MixerRepresentatives from industry and students are invited to meet informally at the mixer on Tuesday, September 13th. We will announce the poster winner and draw prizes.

Students will receive an invitation via email to rsvp. Don’t forget your resume!


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