Electrometallurgy 2016

2nd International Symposium on Electrometallurgy


The 2nd International Symposium on Electrometallurgy – building on the previous Symposium in Orlando, Florida (2012), will bring
together industry, consulting engineers and researchers to discuss fundamental research, development, and/or application of innovative
aqueous or molten salt electrometallurgical processing technologies for the extraction of metals.

Topics discussed at the symposium:

  • Electrorefining: Improving productivity electrolyte control and by-product recovery
  • Electrowinning: Impurity effects and deposit control
  • Electrowinning: Anode technology
  • Molten Salt Electrometallurgy: New and future applications
  • Electrometallurgy: Innovative Applications
  • Electrochemical Technologies and Fundamentals for Metals, Minerals, and Materials
  • Electrochemical treatment of effluents
  • Process Modelling and optimization
  • Emerging Technologies

This Symposium is organized by the MetSoc of CIM (The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum) and TMS (The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society).

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Short Course on Electrometallurgy

A one day short course will be offered before the Symposium on Saturday, Sept. 10 that will cover presentations on the fundamentals and practice of Electrometallurgy. The short course will be given by lecturers (visit our website for details) of international stature in their fields of expertise.

Topics could include:

Electrorefining and Electrowinning (Cu, Zn, Ni)
Electrowinning: effect of impurities and deposit control
Anode technology (lead and Ti coated anodes)
Molten Salt Electrometallurgy
Electrochemical treatment of effluents
Process Modelling and Simulation
Emerging technologies
Electrochemical technologies and fundamentals for metals

Organizer: Michael (Mike) Agnew


Dr. Brent Hiskey, Professor, University of Arizona
Dr. Mike Moats, Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Dr. Andreas Siegmund, Technology Manager, Mettop USA LLC
Mr. Carl Brown, Technical Assistance Manager, De Nora Tech
Dr. George Kipouros, Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Dr Michael Free, Professor, University of Utah
Dr Farzad Mohammadi, Technology Development Manager, BioteQ Environmental Technologies

The short course attendance is limited, and a separate registration fee will be charged. Organizer of the short course is Mike Agnew.

Technical Tour

A one‐day tour to Canadian Copper Refinery and Canadian Electrolytic Zinc is planned for COM 2016-IMPC2016. That will be either on Saturday, Sept 17, 2016. Please visit this page for updates on the tours and their locations.


The proceedings of the Symposium will be published in electronic format and will be available at the meeting. Both the Symposium and its proceedings will be in English. All papers will be
refereed and edited prior to final acceptance and publication.

Symposium Organizing Committee

G. Houlachi, Hydro-Québec, Research Institute, T 819.539.1400, houlachi.georges@ireq.ca
M.L. Free, University of Utah,T 801.585.9798, michael.free@utah.edu
M. Agnew, Consultant, T 416.294.4527, Michael.agnew@sympatico.ca
M.S. Moats, Missouri University of Science and Technology, T 573-341-6974, moatsm@mst.edu
F. Mohammadi, BioteQ Environmental, Technologies, T 604.685.1243, farzadmoh@gmail.com
E. Asselin, University of British Columbia, T 604-822-1918, edouard.asselin@ubc.ca
C. Brown, De Nora Tech, T +1-440-487-8731, carl.brown@denora.com
E. Guerra, Laurentian University, T 705-675-1151, eguerra@laurentian.ca
A. Ghahremaninezhad, Queen’s University, T 613.533.3294, Ahmad.g@queensu.ca
S. Wang, Rio Tinto Kennecott, T 801 569-6747, wangs@kennecott.com

Photo credentials: http://www.faradelk.com/

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